Parish Council Meeting of 15th June 2017

Written by Anne Rayner.

The Parish Council meeting on 15th June 2017 was attended by Councillors Brian Frith, Beverley Humphreys, Andrew Coleman, Gilly Barnes. Sarah Allen and Dawn Welsby. Also present were the Clerk, County Councillor Bev Spratt, District Councillor Barry Duffin and five members of the public.

Some of the main items discussed at the meeting are mentioned here. Full minutes of the meeting are available here in draft form until agreed by the Council at the next meeting (20th July 2017).

The following planning applications were discussed:

  • 2017 / 1238 - Chequers, High Rd – amendment to roof eaves of permission 2017 / 0545 – Councillors raised no objections to this application.
  • 2017 / 1324 - Southgate Lodge, Station Road - Building for animal welfare and equipment security – Councillors considered the plans and raised no objections.
  • 2017 / 1052 – Tasmist, Station Road – Certificate of lawful use of the existing dwelling by non-agricultural occupier – Following discussion, Councillors agreed that assuming the evidence provided is deemed satisfactory, they have no objections.

Some time ago the parish council were awarded a grant from the National Lottery Fund for a defibrillator. Although the initial plan was to house the defibrillator in the Low Road telephone box, this has proved not possible. Alternative approval has been given for the new defibrillator to be positioned on the outside of the village hall and new machine should be installed shortly. The parish council will still adopt the BT phone box on Low Road. Some suggestions for alternative uses for the box have already been received but please do contact the clerk if you have any ideas.

The Chairman attended the Parish Council and Community Update meeting at Long Stratton recently. The police reported that at this time of year most burglars enter properties via an open door or window. They asked members of the public to remain vigilant. Parking, particularly at schools, was raised as an issue again and this seems to be a problem in most villages. The parish council will continue to try to work with the school and the police to improve the safety for all road users and the children at the school. The danger is caused by inconsiderate and illegal parking but police resources are limited, meaning they are not able to attend as often as they would like.

The Chairman of our neighbouring parish council in Bunwell is co-ordinating cluster groups of footpath wardens, with the aim that they work together to ensure footpaths remain accessible and well maintained. It is hoped that if the footpath wardens, representatives of the Ramblers Association and members of the public can work together and with the County Council, access of footpaths can remain for the use of all. 

The next parish council meeting will be on Thursday 20th July 2017, at 7.30 pm.  The agenda will be published about a week before the meeting, but if you have any matters to bring to the attention of the Parish Council in the meantime, please contact the clerk, Anne Rayner, on 01508 570700 or by email  .