The usual delivery of printed copies will not take place this month.

We have ordered some and will place them at strategic places around the village for you to collect for yourself and for any neighbours who specifically ask you to.

Locations will be notified as soon as they have been decided on. Some residents have said that they really don't want one - because of the risk. Please handle them as little as possible and leave the pile as you would want to find it; please put lids back on to protect from rain.

Thank you all.


St Peter's Church - Donation form

All Donations are welcome.
The repair and renovation project is estimated to cost £450,000.
Before we can apply for a National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant we need to raise at least 5% of this total – that’s £25,000.


Friends of St Peter's Application Form

The Friends of St Peter’s was set up in 2019 to bring together all of those interested in the future of this architectural wonder at the centre of the Forncetts. This remarkable building with its exceptional Saxon tower, 15th century alabaster tomb, medieval carved bench ends and unique ancient tower ladder is now in desperate need of repairs and renovations expected to cost £450,000


Forncett Flyer December 2019

Here is the last Forncett Flyer of 2019; the next one will be published around early February – so make the most of it.

I make no excuses for not being very xmassy, I leave that to the commercial magazines; there is always so much information, news and gossip in Forncett that I don’t have space for Christmas recipes. I couldn’t even get the south Norfolk Group walks schedule in, but the Southern Norfolk group walks can be found on the Ramblers website.

I hope I shall be welcoming you to Last Homely House on New Year's Day for a mince pie and mulled wine; (details on page 2). If you are new to the village and have never done the walk, you might like to try it. No one checks how far you have walked so you can cheat and take short cuts; popping into the Village Hall and having soup and a roll, tea, coffee etc. (I have heard it’s really nice, but I am always at home serving out pies and wine). There are downstairs toilet facilities here, and somewhere to sit. Dogs welcome.

Whatever you get up to this Christmas, do have a lovely time; eat far too much and sleep in till noon if you wish. Do send me any silly pictures if they are fit to print.

See you in February. Take care.



Forncett Flyer December 2018

The eagle-eyed among you will spot that this edition is a bit of a rushed job: I have had other pressing concerns, and putting the Forncett Flyer together has had to take a back seat somewhat. I have totally ‘lost’ two really good photos of the congregation at the Tank Museum Remembrance service; and what photos I have are not credited because I can’t remember who sent me what. There is a bunch of likely looking suspects pictured on Page 4 without names, but I am sure you all know them by now.

My proof-reader has gone AWOL, so any misplaced apostrophes (OH NO!!) are entirely someone else’s fault.

And then my all-singing-all-dancing super-printer went on the blink, and was severely remonstrated by me for wasting paper, ink and MY TIME. (Think Basil Fawlty and his car - well it was me clouting the recalcitrant thing with a sheaf of wasted paper!) I suspect I had a rogue cartridge that messed everything up. So that’s ten quid down the drain. There won't be a Flyer until early February, so I will end by wishing you all a very merry Christmas, a happy new year, and a bonnie wee Burns night - if you are that way inclined. Don’t eat too much haggis!

Su Leavesley