Forncett Nature Matters: Connecting Nature in the Forncetts

Our vision is to:

  • Provide spaces in which wildlife can flourish.
  • Form wildlife corridors linking habitats to benefit pollinators and other creatures.
  • To do this by restoring or creating habitats in gardens, hedges, ditches, field and roadside verges.
  • Encourage local people to join us in order to collectively improve conditions for the wide and diverse range of wildflowers, insects and other mini-beasts, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that exist alongside us in the Forncetts.

The impetus for the new group came from the Earth Matters team, a group of writers and ‘amateur’ naturalists/environmentalists/gardeners, whose articles appear in the  Forncett Flyer:  Billy Hosea, Christina Wakeford, Ally Rae, Rosemary Horner and Claire Jordan. This group of five formed the original steering group for FNM, and we were soon joined by Carol Sharp and Judy Thomas.

We consulted Norfolk Wildlife Trust and have had excellent support and training from them. They are our go-to people for expert advice. We also have some very knowledgeable people in the village and hope they will allow us to draw on their expertise.

2021.07.22.Road verge survey training Photo A Rae 1smRoadside verge plant survey training with NWT. Photo: A Rae

 Now we want to spread our wings throughout Forncett, possibly into neighbouring parishes, and certainly up and down the river.

We aim to put nature lovers, wildlife-friendly gardeners/farmers in touch with one another, to form a collaborative network which we hope will be reflected in improved connectivity creating ‘green corridors’ of wildlife habitats wherever possible. There are already many villagers who garden with wildlife in mind; whatever the size of garden anyone can do their bit to protect our natural heritage; if you’re not sure how to make a start you’ll get plenty of support. By adding together our individual contributions we can make big changes!

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How to get in touch

Please email:        

Become a Supporter

Forncett Nature Matters is an unconstituted group of like minded people with care of the environment at their heart.  There is currently no subscription to join the group - everyone who would like to work towards increasing space for nature, enhancing bio-diversity and connecting habitats is welcome.  We aim to hold meetings 4 times a year and activities more frequently.  These will include plant surveys of verges, hedgerows and other spaces, practical wild-life enhancement projects locally and working with other local groups and organisations to understand and develop the wildlife potential of our village. There will be opportunities to learn and to share knowledge and experience.

If you would like to get involved or join our mailing list please send us an email or complete our questionnaire here.

Our Forncett Map

Do you manage all or part of your garden or land with wildlife in mind? Would you like to include your plot on our map of nature-friendly habitats? It doesn’t matter how small or large your space is. Being able to map areas where biodiversity is being encouraged will help us to see the gaps and plan how we can create green corridors to connect areas. This is vital for wildlife and plants which otherwise become isolated with small gene-pools, which can lead to species dying out. All information is treated in strict confidence and no personal information is identified on the map.

2021.10.15 FNM Launch.Photo A Rae 2asmAdd your plot to the nature-friendly map. Photo A Rae

 To add your plot to the map please complete our questionnaire here.

Data Protection

All information is kept in line with Data Protection guidelines and is used only for the administration of Forncett Nature Matters.

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