The Forncett Flyer, village newspaper for the Forncetts, is published monthly, except for September and January, and is an independent publication, paid for by Forncett Parish Council and by the local advertisers contained in it. It is produced by an editorial team consisting of Martin Lander and Myles Jeeves (advertising). Anne Lander is Treasurer.

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There is an index to all Flyer issues up to end of June 2014 - Forncett Flyer Index

How the Flyer came about

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Upon coming to live in Forncett John Webster realized that the parish was widespread and not like a traditional village with a well-defined centre. His interest in the historical background and development of the settlements explained in part the late twentieth century profile. Although administered by a parish council, of which he became a member, Forncett seemed to lack one focus.

The Flyer as it is Now

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In early 2008 John Webster handed over ‘his Flyer’ to a new editorial team which, over the years, has involved Su Leavesley as Editor, April Carlin, treasurer, and several others in supporting roles. We have produced many issues and have improved and extended the publication to include 12 pages initially, but now 16 pages, all in colour.  We have included many more photographs and pictures, and generally tightened up the layout. 

Back Numbers Available

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Each month we have a few Forncett Flyers left over. If you would like a printed copy of any of the back editions, please email me at to check availability. Then simply send £1 per issue, and your name and address, and we will post it to you. Simple.