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Forncett Fete 2013 hailed a great success!

Written by Fete Organisers.


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Photos by Su Leavesley

After a break last year the 2013 Forncett Village Fete was held at the Village Hall and Jubilee Green on Saturday June 29th 2013, the first to be held at the Village Hall, with its adjacent recently named 'Jubilee Green' and the general opinion seems to be that it was a great success! It gave us the Village Hall close at hand for power, refreshment and 'other facilities', and the Tas Well bar was able to operate very conveniently from the corner of the Hall nearest the field. We were favoured with perfect weather and an excellent turnout of visitors (estimated 100 cars parked at one time, as well as many cyclists and pedestrians). It all added up to make a great Village occasion!

Update 20th July: With income and expenditure now totalled, the Organising Committee have declared the total profits (subject to any very late expense claims) to be £2347.05, meaning that each of three groups (Village Hall, School and Little Tractors Playgroup) will receive £782.35 for their funds.  Thank you, everybody, once again!  A truly fantastic result!

Successful open day at Sandpit Farm

Written by Administrator.

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Christina Wakeford and Cynthia Finlayson opened their gardens for charity under the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday 23rd June 2013. The weather, though not perfect, provided much sunshine as well as the occasional shower and there was an excellent turnout of visitors. A goodly sum was raised for NGS charities as well as a more modest sum from the tea tent run by the Diggers & Dibblers team which will be donated to the Forncett Village Hall fund.

Open Gardens: The Forncetts - July 7th 2013

Written by Diggers and Dibblers.

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Forncett Open Gardens; Sunday 7th July 2013.

On Sunday July 7th, ten private gardens plus the Allotments at Forncett End and also St Mary's Church were 'open' from 11 am to 4 pm.

On one of the hottest days of the year and with 'opposition' from Andy Murray's Wimbledon Final, we wondered whether the turnout would be affected.  If it was ... we didn't really notice.  Despite the large distances between some of the gardens, an estimated 150 people visited the village and enjoyed the wide range of gardens open to view (in addition to Forncett St Mary Church and the Allotments at Forncett End).

Forncett celebrates the Jubilee

Written by Su Leavesley.

And how we celebrated! It rained; it was cold; but if the Queen could stand it on that boat (sorry, barge) on the Thames, then who are we to grumble?

Painted by the children of Forncett School, this banner was the centre piece of the party at the school on Friday. All the children were dressed in their royal-most clothing, and there were six Busby-wearing gentlemen to guard the ‘Queen’ and her close family. Several of the children performed songs, dances and jokes to entertain and delight the parents, guests, teachers and staff.

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Forncett Fete 2011

Written by Sally Hibbler.

A BIG thank you to everyone for attending and helping with the fete.

Following the initial count of the takings at the fete, the fete has raised, after expenses, £1,654.68!  Obviously this may change slightly when counted again. A further £750 should also be added as part of Barclays donations to local charities.

WELL DONE to everyone

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Photos Courtesy of Su Leavesley

Good news on the River Tas through the Forncetts

Written by Roger Ranson.

The two dredgers at workThe river goes into the winter in a much improved condition thanks to work by the Environment Agency completed in mid November. They used two excavators – one a giant 18-tonne machine with a 13-metre reach – to clear an enormous volume of silt, vegetation, and fallen trees and other debris from the river from Tharston Mill, through Horsenford up to Station Road, and then upstream to Wacton.