How the Flyer came about

Written by Super User.

Upon coming to live in Forncett John Webster realized that the parish was widespread and not like a traditional village with a well-defined centre. His interest in the historical background and development of the settlements explained in part the late twentieth century profile. Although administered by a parish council, of which he became a member, Forncett seemed to lack one focus.

With his past experience, most recently publishing for some years ‘SWIFT’ (the magazine of Wymondham Nature Group) he decided to introduce a regular newsletter for the residents, to keep them in touch and create a sense of identity. He put the idea to the Parish Council, which readily agreed to support the expenses incurred and acknowledged the voluntary work to be undertaken. The publication would, however, remain fully independent.

Thus it was that the first edition of the Forncett newsletter cum magazine was published by John Webster as ‘The Forncett Flyer’ in February 2003, appearing ten times during the year and subtitled ‘Bringing News to the Forncetts’. Its purpose was to inform and report about events in the parish and also to raise issues of interest.

Initially there was very little advertising, since the principle was that of informing. In time it was seen that this could change to enable larger issues to be published. Gradually photos became part and parcel of each edition. It was also regarded as advisable to set up a small editorial team to help direct the content and assist with the tasks of advertising and copywriting.

After five years of co-ordinating and publishing what had now become a well-regarded and appreciated newsletter both within and outside Forncett, its founder decided it was time for it either to continue under different editorship or to wither away gracefully. He was please when others stepped forward to accept the challenge. It had been most gratifying to see the feedback from the Forncett Village Plan questionnaire, which showed the positive support for ‘The Forncett Flyer’ from a high proportion of the parishioners.