Say No To Pylons

Some of us joined the Protest Walk in Forncett and we also had a stall at the gathering point - Forncett Village Hall - which attracted a lot of attention and we signed up some new supporters. I’ve just looked at the video of a plane’s-eye view of the route of proposed pylons from Diss to Norwich. 

Pylon landscape crop

These huge 50m pylons would make the the old pylons to the east look like toytown structures. Then there’s the vast amount of concrete that will be poured over our green spaces, and the disruption and damage caused during the four years of construction. The destruction of mature trees and hedges is inevitable.  As has been well researched by the brilliant main campaign group, there is a perfectly viable option of taking the cables offshore.

FNM is deeply concerned. The biodiversity around our village which is being encouraged by our community of nature lovers, gardeners and farmers, will be sorely threatened by this unwelcome proposal.

Simon Attwood, a Forncett biodiversity expert, has sent us the reports he’s compiled for the Pylons group.

Bee and Bat Man, Mick Finnemore, one of our ecologist supporters, has reported finding more rare and unusual bees in the village. One of the sites is near to ‘Forncett Aerodrome’ where there have also been several Red Listed bird sightings mentioned in previous newsletters. Exactly where pylons are due to be sited!

Find out more about the campaign to stop the Pylons at Pylons East Anglia and follow on Facebook

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