Forncett Village Hall: Low Road, Forncett St Mary, Norfolk NR16 1JG

The Way Forward 2012

Written by Terry Henderson.

The Management Committee has been looking very carefully at both the fabric of the Hall, and the way in which it is used. A close inspection of the outside of the Hall has indicated that there is a real need to replace the existing windows, the existing three doors, as well as the fascia boards and guttering. You will all probably have noticed that the Hall is looking rather sad of late. As there is a serious problem with potential water ingress into the fabric of the hall, it has been discussed by the Committee that we ought to apply for grant funding to carry out these urgent repairs. This also means that on completion of the work we could give the outside of the Hall a much needed coat of paint.

In respect of any grant funding we would be required to raise a contribution towards this. We will need to find as much money as we can. At this time we are currently working on grant applications and have been in touch with SNC Planning. A longer term project is, we believe, necessary. Major changes will be needed in the future to satisfy both current and future needs of the Hall, including a new outside area for Little Tractors, and hopefully an extension which will create another meeting hall, a new kitchen, toilet facilities and much needed storage space, as well as a Tas Well bar.

It has also been identified that the septic tank will have to be enlarged. To achieve this we must start now. This is still only an outline proposal at the moment, but preliminary enquiries with experts from other village halls, who have been successful, show this could be accomplished, probably in stages possibly needing several grants to achieve our aims. Of course all the residents of Forncett would be part of the consultation process before any changes were made.

We are very fortunate to have regular user groups, but we have seen the need in recent times for an additional space for varying activities, which will of course enhance the life in our village for all age groups. Are there any particular activities you would like to see or organise in the Hall or Jubilee Green? Please let me know!

You will have noticed in the Flyer that we are advertising regular future events of varying types, hopefully to suit all, and we have now a very strong Entertainments Committee who will come up with some great ideas for our fundraising efforts. Please support us in these ventures. If you have any ideas for fundraising events yourself please do get in touch with me.

We will always keep you updated in respect of future events, and developments towards a better Village Hall. Yes, it is a big task but it is your Village Hall. (Finally, you will get to read the “Meet the Trustees” feature unfortunately this was delayed due to a camera malfunction)

Terry Henderson

The Background

Written by Terry Henderson.

Forncett's Village Hall Management Committee was founded to manage the former Forncett St Mary School "for the purposes ... found expedient for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parishes of Forncett St. Mary and Forncett St. Peter ... and its immediate vicinity without distinction of sex or political religious or other opinions" and is committed to managing the versatile space and unique facilities of this principle community asset for community services and activities in ways that meet the diverse needs of current and potential users.

The Village Hall has long been the focal point of a vibrant rural community, which makes extensive use of the facility for local community meetings (including Parish Council meetings) and community events. The amenity also provides local leisure and recreation activities (including Bowls, Whist and Line Dancing) and hosts Forncett Playgroup (Little Tractors).