Forncett Great War Project

Written by Jackie Scully.

Planning of Forncett History Group's major project is continuing and a couple of dates have been entered into the diary.

On Saturday 2nd August the Timeline will be launched. It is planned to situate this in St Mary's Church in the long term, but if renovation work has not been completed by then, the initial launch will be in St Peter's Church. In the evening of the 4th August, at 11pm, a Vigil will be held to commemorate the beginning of the First World War. Candles will be extinguished as a symbol of the then Foreign Secretary, Lord Gray's, remark "The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our time".

On 9th November 2014, Remembrance Sunday, there will be a dedication of the Books of Remembrance by the Bishop of Norwich in St Peter's Church. Although this is centred on those who gave their lives, we will also remember those Forncett men who served and returned; many wounded physically as well as mentally.

To this end we hope that relatives of the survivors as well as the Fallen will attend the service. It must not be forgotten that this service will also be honouring the victims if WW2. The names of a number of men who served in WW1 who did return is listed below, but if you know of others please get in touch as this is important to us. Of course we welcome all those who will wish to attend.

The timing of these events will be published at a later date along with a calendar of other activities we hope to incorporate during the period of commemoration of the Great War.

Known Forncett soldiers who returned:-
Bassingthwaite Charles
Blake Herbert
Brooks Edward
Coleman Arthur
Coleman William
Falgate Arthur
Falgate John William
Falgate Percy
Fryer Samuel
Gostling Claude
Gostling William
Gray Arthur
Gray William
Green Maurice
Harvey Alfred
Hunt William
King John
Lincoln George Charles
Lincoln Himalaya Cubitt
Newman John
Scott William
Sheldrake Horace
Skipper William
Symonds Reginald Edward
Thomas Edwin
Waters Harry

We will be grateful for any help that can be given.

Jackie Scully Co-ordinator of Forncett GWP