Forncett Flyer March 2018


Forncett Flyer March 2018

Well I don’t know about you but the novelty of this snow is wearing off a bit, but at least you can see the Forncett Flyer online straight away, thanks to Richard Ball and his continuing efforts on our behalf. I have no idea when the paper copies will arrive in Forncett, and no idea when our intrepid deliverers will manage to forge a way through the drifts to reach you. We will all have to be patient.

This month’s edition heralds an event in November. Now before you say ‘that’s ages away’, let me tell you that the months are eaten up quickly when trying to arrange a big event, and the one I am talking about is part of a national day of tribute to the fallen of WW1. It is on 11th November, and there are to be 1,000 beacons lit right across the country: Forncett’s one will be at the tank museum.

Read all about it on page 12, and please contact Stephen if you think you could help in some way: there’s various jobs from sheer donkey-work on the day, to organisation and planning of the event in the months to come.

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