Forncett Flyer February 2015


Quizzes, quizzes! Where would we be without them? The report of the hastily arranged Quiz with Lasagne is all over this month’s flyer. The teams were made up of interest groups in the village, and it was so popular that the room was filled to capacity.

Those of you who really missed the diary dates on the front page will be pleased to see them back again. This month we are missing the church services table; does anyone mind? Let me know how you feel about this; there is always the Church’s own magazine to refer to.

And then there are the road closures. What a flippin fiasco. I guess the powers that be think that Ponderosa Corner is in the middle of nowhere: well that may be so, but being in the middle means that traffic is coming from all directions; school run being the most obvious. Let’s hope when the gas pipe finally gets to the bottom of Overwood Lane we can forget all about it.

There are some ‘programmes / schedules for the year’ and just a tiny bit of orange sport – they have been at it again, and are recruiting for this year’s Village Games.

If you want to avoid the sight of W.I. members in their jim-jams, ignore page 11, it’s not a pretty sight.

The photo gallery on the back page is all about headgear. Enjoy!

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