Forncett Flyer March 2013


Let's get the mistakes over and done with first, shall we? On the front cover the caption for the photograph should have read 'see full story on page 12' but it fell off the side of the page.

The new regular At the Village Hall page 2 is entirely done by Terry Henderson apart from the pudding Night piece which is by Jackie Bowers. This is a new venture and you can come as a pudding chef with a bowl full of your Granny's favourite pud to share out, or you can just come with an oversized spoon to help us sample them all and vote for a winner, it's up to you, but please contact Jackie soon if you want to bring a pudding (01508 530729) so we can get organised.

There are two maps this month; one showing the proposed route of the new A11 bypass at Elveden, and the other showing how to get to Wymondham now that Silfield Road is blocked at Silfield for roadworks lasting 8 weeks. (they must be dualling it and building a Little Chef!!)

Sadness and shock at the closure of Hoddy's Farm Shop is expressed by several people on page 3, alongside news of a swishing party at Wacton.

Quinton Spratt's short farming series takes over Railway Ron's page, and if anyone has any old photos of local farming activities, give me a ring as it would be nice to use them.

Su 01953 789752,

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