Forncett Flyer March 2012


Forncett Flyer March 2012

Spring is afoot and the crocuses are on the back page of this month’s edition – if not quite yet in the garden. We have two famous people inside; Bob Flowerdew on page 11 and H.M. the Queen on the back page, but only one of them actually posed for a photograph to be taken by yours truly.

There is yet another insert this month, this time concerning our lousy slow Broadband speed. 

We have gone to great lengths to provide those of you who get a paper copy, a form to fill in which relates to this insert. It is freepost and you just have to moisten it round the edge to stick it up. How hard can that be? Anyone who really can't be bothered can phone me, and I will come round and lick it for you. (Er… maybe not) By registering you don't actually commit yourself to anything. Please read and consider.    Thanks very much

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