Forncett Flyer June 2012


Forncett Flyer June 2012

This Jubilee special is split into two parts; those of you who want nothing to do with the Jubilee celebrations can be spared the many dozens of photographs of people enjoying themselves at parties, dances, event of all kinds where we celebrated the Queen's 60 year reign. You will of course miss the photo of Bev Spratt in a silly hat, and six armed guards watching the Queen's back. You will also avoid seeing Pam Thurtle as never before, and the monster cake made by Antony Land. Fans of the Spratts will miss both Quinton and Bev - the latter cutting the ribbon on the new Jubilee Green: Quinton on the other hand is trying his hardest to get a bottle of wine for 50p. Then there is the lady who pulled out her own raffle ticket number from the hat, and yours truly offering children sweeties from her car. For those who can't stand the sight of fairy cakes, you will fail to be tempted by a picture of 12 of the best I have ever seen.

Those of you who came and enjoyed the celebrations, at one event or another, had better look and see if they are pictured in glorious colour doing something regrettable. You know who you are!

The usual 12 page flyer contains the usual things, fetes, allotments, and good old Ron with his railway reminiscences.

Let me know what you think.

Su Leavesley

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