Forncett Flyer July 2012


Forncett Flyer July 2012

Things have come back down to earth now after the Jubilee celebrations and I thought if there were only a few things to report on I could get away with an eight page issue – mainly because I have come down with a rotten cold and chest infection.

HA! Forncett isn't like that: once you have got a village like ours going, it's hard to stop it. The newly formed Forncett Flyer sports team take up the whole back page with news and photos of their tremendous achievements at The Village Games Day at Framlingham Earl coming second only to a practiced and seasoned team that had done all this before.

Diggers & Dibblers have been out in force with their evening trip with Spratt's Coaches, and the feast in a member's garden. The new village hall committee is poised ready for action of all sorts.

Pauline Barnes is remembered with affection by her family.

Next issue will be published around the middle of August and then there is a gap until early October; so perhaps I will get my allotment up to date!

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