Forncett Flyer December 2012


Here’s the Christmas edition of the Forncett Flyer; not very Christmassy I am afraid; I simply didn’t have time to go looking for clip-art of Santa and puddings etc. But if there are any children out there wanting to see Santa before Christmas, he is coming to Forncett Village Hall on Sunday 16th December at lunchtime – so have a look at page 2 for details.

My fingers got in a muddle over one of the dates, so here is the correct information: Methodist Carol Concert is on December 16th, not the 11th. (See page 6).

There are a couple of recipes for Christmas cake, for those of you who like to leave things till the last minute; I know which one I will be making! There is a phone number on page 5 if you want to dispose of your Christmas tree after the celebrations; and information about what to do with your turkey fat (or goose grease) that comes out during the cooking process (page 6).

So you see, I have been thinking about Christmas for you after all. I will be back in early February, but without Railway Ron. This is his last month, and there is a photo of him on Page 9.

The editorial team at the Forncett Flyer wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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