Forncett Flyer October 2011


Forncett Flyer October 2011

Well your two months is up, and we are back with you again: our summer events are all here in pictures (except the one of me climbing a scaffold tower to clean out the gutters – what did you spend the summer doing?). Thirty two individuals have contributed to this edition with photographs and text, and I think that may be a record. There is so much going on in Forncett and in neighbouring parishes that the ‘Forthcoming events’ item usually found on page 4 has ballooned into a two page insert that you can pin up somewhere so you don't miss anything – there is even a little space for you to make notes. On page 12 you will find the longest carrot produced in Forncett, and there are some beautiful photographs by Andrew Coleman of flower arrangements (on page 2) together with a report on the past few months at Forncett Church.

There are no letters though.

Our new weatherman tells us what the rainfall has been like (wet) on page 4, and good old Ron has managed to unearth a photo of the Nissen hut in Hapton.


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