Forncett Flyer July 2011


Forncett Flyer July 2011

Because of all the photographs, this month’s issue will take a bit longer to download, so make a cup of coffee and read this while you wait!

Seriously - we have 29 super colour pictures and numerous others on the black and white pages (printed version). It feels like only yesterday when having a colour picture on the front of the Village Plan questionnaire (2005/6) involved ‘getting a plate made’ and paying £200 extra. Long live digital! I particularly like the proms photo on the back page, full of life and movement. Also no less than 25 different people have contributed copy and photos for this issue, which is a remarkable number – keep it coming! The Garden Club have been out and about enjoying the summer with their trips and feasts, and of course the annual fete brought hundreds of you together to enjoy the rain! The Flower Festival in the Methodist Church was one of the best I have ever seen, and photos cannot do justice to the arrangements that covered every surface.

Well, it should have downloaded by now, so enjoy!

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