Forncett Allotment Association

For all enquiries relating to the Forncett Allotments (off Common Road, Forncett End, behind 'The Jolly Farmers') please contact Forncett Allotments and Leisure Gardens Association (FALGA) Chairperson, Richard Allard - telephone: 01953 789 578, email: 

Session 5 - Tuesday, 6th April the day after the four-day bank-holiday deluge

Written by Digger.


Weather; bootiful, still a chill in the air, but that's no bad thing when you are working up a sweat.

Weight; Battery gone flat in the weight scales so I estimate about seven and a half stone. (Who do you think you are kidding?)

Hours worked; about two,

Time to get seriously vigorous with these weeds. The digging sessions proved that no matter how far down you go, there is always more. I call 'em Australian weeds as I think that's where they come from.

Session 6 - Thursday, 8th April

Written by A Digger.

Weather; bootiful, better than yesterday.
Weight; a lot heavier than Lesley
Hours worked; no idea.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a dear friend who died of a vicious cancer that had her number. She had diminished in size but (by God) not in spirit. I needed time today on my allotment – alone - to remember her. I planted my spuds. In the great scheme of things this is almost insignificant now, but they were my first planting on the allotment and I should have celebrated – another day perhaps.

Session 7 - Date, no idea, somewhere between session 6 and 8

Written by A Digger.

Netting ClocheWeather; fine
Weight; leave it out!
Hours worked; not long

As bed no 2 was almost ready I went armed with my onion setts, and shallot sets – thousands of them, I love onions and put them into just about everything I cook – rhubarb crumble excepted. Being prone to disorganisation I made a real effort to make notes about where each variety was planted: I went for the block system rather than rows, so that if one lot came out before the others, I could utilise the space by growing lettuce or something quick without having to trample on the slow-coach ones. I had about 6 bags of them, some labelled helpfully ‘contains 50 setts’ the others ‘250 grammes’. Thank you!

Session 8 - 10th May 2010 (afternoon)

Written by A Digger.

Weather; promising (promising what, I don't know)
Weight; I wonder if it's time to drop this.
Hours worked; too long

This morning we had work to do at home. About three years ago I ordered some slate chippings to smother the weeds around the summerhouse and to enhance the area. The pile of chippings was now (a) smothered with dead leaves from the tree above (b) sprouting weeds of its own and (c) in urgent need of being taken to a place of safety before the workmen came to resurface our driveway. Logic apart, one ton of chippings weighs about two tons when divided by two people working on it. I scrabbled about on my knees as usual, and hubby-with-a-shovel hacked at the pile from the other side. We met in the middle around coffee time, and finished the job, and my fingernails by lunch. I had given my all, but I felt fine: a quick lunch later and I drove off to the allotment – but only to look at it.