Ladies Who Lunch

Delia’s Yellows Restaurant - 1st June 2011

Quite how I agreed to dine at Norwich City football ground, defies explanation; I have never been to a football game in my life; my least favourite colours are green and yellow (school uniform!) and the middle of Norwich is no place to be on a scorching hot day. But, for once I had remembered to book a table, and my companion is football mad and a Delia Smith fan, so I abandoned all hope and stepped inside.

Not a trace of green to be seen and the only yellow was the paper napkins. Good start! The room was cool and dark, the tables and chairs well spaced out - allowing my companion to manoeuvre his wheelchair easily. The staff were welcoming and actually appeared to be enjoying themselves, and there wasn’t a photograph of a footballer in sight.

A cheery 12 year old (probably married with 3 kids, but they all looked so young) called Tom took our order for drinks – wine for me and coke for the driver - and we studied the menu. Determined not to have fish again, I chose the half size barbecue rib racks with crisp onion loaf; the menu promised that the meat would be baked slowly until just falling off the bone. It was too!  As these were best eaten finger-style, Tom brought me a finger bowl. My companion had the Caribbean Chicken with Mango Salsa; this was marinated in lime, ginger and garlic then grilled. It was served with mango and sultana salsa with pilaf rice. We shared side dishes of thin chips and coleslaw – both excellent. The servings were all large and incredibly tasty, my ribs were sticky and sweet and tender, and the onion loaf in thin bubbly batter was a delight in itself. I wonder if Delia would let me have the recipe!

For pudding I chose the New York Baked Vanilla Cheesecake, the first bite of which dragged me back to the early 1970’s when we would buy slices of cheesecake at the Mecca Delicatessen on Gentleman’s Walk (does anyone else remember that glorious Aladdin’s cave of a food store?) and eat it on the bus on the way home. I have been searching for that taste ever since: much denser than what passes for cheesecake these days, solid and creamy and positively sensual. This one was served with a little jug of maple syrup and caramelised pecan nuts, then topped with whipped cream. Oh bliss! I wonder if Delia would…….

My friend chose Delia’s Hot Fudge Sundae; so called as Delia always has a helping of it! Lots of hot chocolate fudge sauce vanilla ice cream (very creamy!), whipped cream and chunky roasted nuts.

As I wandered off to the loo, I noticed a quiet area at the back of the room with three or four comfortable sofas to lounge in; if I had time! The loos were a symphony of grey slate, black and white, and very clean and neat. My companion had no complaints about access to all areas in his wheelchair.

I loved this restaurant; after months of reporting on nice quiet sleepy village pubs Yellows came as a refreshing change. Young, happy, lively, friendly; I can't emphasise too much the delightful young staff who attended to our needs without being overbearing, and joined in my age-old jokes about the finger bowl – ‘waiter, this soup is a bit thin!’ The total bill came to £44.85, so was the most costly, (we have had a few £36 to £38 meals) but the portions were large – no messing about with cucumbers made into dear little trees here! Would I go again? You bet! In fact my companion and I (we call ourselves twins as our birthdays are on the same day) have already agreed to go again – on our birthdays, of course.

£8.00    my main
£11.70    Andrew’s main
£2.50    side
£2.50    side
£6.50    Andrew’s pud
£5.50    my pud
£8.15    wine and coke
£44.85    TOTAL

Delia’s Yellows Restaurant, Carrow Road Norwich. NR1

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