Forncett Flyer March 2015


Forncett Flyer March 2015

Somebody get me a shoehorn!!

Just when I think it’s all in there, up pops another email with some interesting item or photograph that I think ought to go in. John Webster sent me a photo of the Lych-gate at Forncett St. Mary church, and Pudding Night squeezed in by the skin of its teeth – only photos for now, maybe a bit more information next month. Terry Henderson took the photos with the wrong lens on his camera (a telephoto) and had to almost go outside to get folks in shot. Thanks Terry! My husband has shown me how to put pictures in oval frames, so expect to be seeing more of that. On the subject of pictures, someone complained (gently) that it’s always the same people in the Forncett Flyer! Well, if you don’t join in with village events, you won't get your photo in will you?

There’s loads of activities coming up; get yourself down there, and have fun! You may notice that all the people in the photos of Village Hall events have enormous grins on their faces; now why is that?

And finally, my apologies to the gentleman who appears SEVEN times in the Photo Gallery; I just can’t resist!

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