Forncett Flyer February 2013


Forncett Flyer February 2013

All the photos of Forncett's Christmas activities that are fit to print – and one or two that are not – are assembled here for those of you who can bear the festive season for a little longer. Doc Willis is back, cynical but philosophical as usual: school dinners Roman style are pictured on the back page (you can keep the olives, thanks) and Michael Marlow takes us on a nostalgic look at a 1940's childhood. All the local W.I. dates and talks schedules are on page 5, and some local walks on page 6.

If you are wondering where the Parish Council report is, I can tell you that Sarah Berwick and husband were so busy with the 4x4 rescue work that I gave her slot to John Webster, but fear not, the report can be found here on the website. Railway Ron gets a final send-off in readiness for our new series on Farming – more details later.

And finally a goodbye party for Greg Spencer on page 11. The Forncett Flyer will be the poorer without his input, as will many of our village activities, but Greg has a life to live and I wish him all the best – whatever he opts to do. Terry Henderson has stepped into Greg's place on the flyer team, and is already contributing wonderfully. Here's to the next 5 years! (Oh heck, did I really say that?)

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