Pollinator Plant Swap

Friday, 20 May 2022 19:30 – 21:30
Location: Forncett Village Hall
Category: Forncett Nature Matters

Forncett Nature Matters group are holding a Pollinator Plant Swap.  There will be a couple of five minute talks including from supporter Pam Merrick, and then Mick Finnemore, local ecologist, will give a short talk about the search for the rare shrill carder bee in Forncett.

This will be followed by refreshments and the plant swap. Please bring any plants that are good for pollinating insects, labelled so that people can look up further information if they so wish. If you have nothing to swap, but would like some of the plants for your garden, we would ask for a small donation.

Everyone is welcome - and bring an interested friend if you like.

The large parish map will also be on display so you can see the potential for joining habitats.

Hoping for another good turnout and a convivial evening