Forncett Big Litter Pick 2013 - Update

Written by Brian Frith on .

Job Done! 22 bags of rubbish await collection18 Volumteers enjoy the spring sunshine

Photos by Brian Frith
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Update: May 11th 2013

We have just heard that Forncett has won one of the £250 prizes for participating in the Litter Pick.  The prize money must be used for 'The Community'.  Those who helped with the Litter Pick have been asked for ideas - the final decision will be made by the Parish Council as the Litter Pick was done 'in their name'.  The prize is an extra bonus - in addition to the benefits of a cleaner village and some excellent Community work!  Wonderful!

Saturday April 6th 2013

  • Sun shining (is this Spring?)
  • 21 Volunteers
  • 8 'routes' for picking, totalling approximately 14 miles of roads
  • 2 hours (average) time
  • 22 bulging bags of rubbish collected!

Congratulations to all volunteers who took part in our 'Big Litter Pick' - one of a number taking place throughout South Norfolk this Spring.  The photo shows 18 of the (mostly well-behaved!) volunteers at the Village Halll after depositing their bags of litter and enjoying some welcome refreshments provided by the Parish Council and served by Anne,  

Forncett celebrates the Jubilee

Written by Su Leavesley on .

And how we celebrated! It rained; it was cold; but if the Queen could stand it on that boat (sorry, barge) on the Thames, then who are we to grumble?

Painted by the children of Forncett School, this banner was the centre piece of the party at the school on Friday. All the children were dressed in their royal-most clothing, and there were six Busby-wearing gentlemen to guard the ‘Queen’ and her close family. Several of the children performed songs, dances and jokes to entertain and delight the parents, guests, teachers and staff.

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Security System needed for St Peter's Church

Written by Susie Rohde , Churchwarden on .

In July this year St. Peter’s Church suffered a significant lead theft from its roof. The thieves were never apprehended.

Since then, after much investigation by the PCC and Churchwardens it was agreed that a ‘State of the art’ alarm should be installed. The system consists of sensors, alarms, recorded warnings and Strobe lighting. Should the alarms be activated the emergency security services will automatically be alerted and within minutes be at the Church.

There are lead alternatives but these do not have the longevity of lead neither are they as pleasing aesthetically.

We had hoped to update the heating in the St.Peter’s but to comply with the Church Insurer’s conditions and to protect this beautiful and ancient building for the community we have no choice but to proceed with the security arrangements. This is an expensive venture.

Contribution towards this community project will be gratefully received,

please contact Susie Rohde, Churchwarden, on 01508 489 363  or  07762 727 539 or

Can we stop the theft of lead from Church roofs?

Written by Super User on .

There has been a call for a petition to be signed to help prevent the theft of lead from church roofs.

You don't have to be a church-goer, or even a Christian to care about these medieval buildings, and as any householder will know, the surest way to encourage deterioration within a building is to have a leaky roof.

Strenuous efforts have been made to prevent these thefts; surveillance cameras, locked gates, and even ‘smart water’ that rubs off on the culprits and remains detectable for some time have all been tried, but still the thefts continue. Ironically the cost of making good this vandalism far outweighs the profit that the thieves make on the lead. Church committees and fund raising groups work endlessly and tirelessly to raise funds to improve other aspects of these old buildings, and it is sickening to see this money being spent on the roof yet again. These thefts involve not only churches, but houses, business premises and schools.