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Experiences of the recent Roadworks

Written by Su Leavesley on .

There is no doubt that Forncett has had more than its share of road works, closures and diversions lately: the good news is that we are past the worst. The work at Forncett End around Valiant Corner (top of Tabernacle Lane) has left us with a lovely new pavement / footpath / causeway, and improved drainage for that part of the village - that’s the good news: there remains however all the mess and broken down verges and ditches on either side of Tabernacle Lane which were in a bad enough state before the work started now that farmers don’t bother to maintain them. Closing Tabernacle Lane off at the top diverted traffic down the lane at the start of their journeys: and back again, of course. I can see from where I sit typing, and I can tell you that not everyone was patient and well-mannered about reversing back and / or getting out of the way where possible. The problem with these narrow lanes is that there is nowhere to get out of the way. So they use our driveways and trash them; and they drive up the verges and trash them too.

'Floods Destroy' Campaign

Written by Brian Frith on .

The Environment Agency 'Floods Destroy' Campaign is aimed at alerting and informing people who could be at risk of flooding by publicising good practice, contact phone numbers, relevant web-sites etc - with a view to minimising loss of life, property and services in the event of a flooding incident.

The information is on the Environment Agenct web-site here: Floods Destroy Campaign

Thanks to Jenny Bloomfield, Emergency Planning Officer at South Norfolk Council, for drawing this site to our attention.  If you have any queries, Jenny can be contacted on 01508 533607.

Forncett C.E.V.A Primary School Children Raise Funds for Village Defibrillator

Written by Claire Jordan & Judith Jones on .

photos by Su Leavesley.
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Excited children at St. Peter's Primary in Forncett have brought envelopes of pocket money into school to help raise funds for the village defibrillator. A special assembly was held today during which the children listened to a talk given by Steve Hammond of the East Anglia Ambulance Service Trust about the heart. Steve brought along a defibrillator and showed the children how it is used on a training dummy. The children were very interested and asked many questions during the talk. Following the assembly, children representing the School Council arranged the collection of coins and notes onto a large heart shape. Finally the children sorted and counted the coins and a total of £150.00 was found to have been raised.

The defibrillator is being provided by the Community Heartbeat Trust and will be installed in the old telephone box opposite the school and church. The project has been led by a Forncett couple, Julia Hill and Keith Fromings, and has been quickly embraced by the local community and £2,000 has now been raised with help from the Parish Council. It is hoped that it will be up and running very shortly.


Citizens Advice Bureau

Written by Brian Frith on .

The nearest Citizens Advice Bureau is in Wymondham.  

The office moved (December 2014) to 14 Middleton Street, Wymondham NR18 0AD; Telephone 03444 111 444.

The web-site is www.norfolkcab.org.uk  and the public email address is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Update information supplied by Wendy Richardson of CAB, 2nd December 2014

Another Footpath Cleared!

Written by Brian Frith on .

Over the summer, the very popular 'Footpath 29' which runs from Tabernacle Lane by the side of the Sewage Works, has become very overgrown, to the point of being more or less impassable. 

Over the weekend of 5th to 7th September, when John had access to a brushcutter, a team of volunteers set about clearing the brambles, nettles and other undergrowth with the amazing results shown in the photos below:

Click picture for slideshow: Photos by Brian Frith  

Thanks to everyone who took part (10 in all on Sunday morning!) and particular thanks to John for his work with the brushcutter.

Forncett Fete 2014

Written by Fete Organisers on .

The 2014 Forncett Village Fete
Saturday June 28th 2014
at Forncett Village Hall and Jubilee Green

UPDATE 16th July

Following the Fete Committee 'Review' meeting on 15th July, we can announce that the net total raised was £2,210.02, giving each of the School, Little Tractors Playgroup and Village Hall £736.67.

Thanks again to all who contributed to such a brilliant outcome.

UPDATE Monday 30th June

Despite a very poor weather forecast, hundreds of people enjoyed over two hours of near perfect 'Fete' weather on Saturday afternoon taking advantage of all the attractions on offer to suit young and old.  For a full report with masses of colour photos of the activities and visitors see these special pages from the July 2014 Forncett Flyer or get the full version of 'The Flyer' here Forncett Flyer July 2014. (Flyer links courtesy Su Leavesley and the Flyer editorial team)

Click picture for slideshow: Photos by Brian Frith  

It was unfortunate that activities were cut short just before the scheduled finish time by a torrential downpour, but we had better weather than predicted for much of the time and hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. We anticipate that the event will have raised an amount comparable with last year's total, to be shared equally between Forncett Primary School, Little Tractors Playgroup and the Village Hall. 

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way: planning, setting up, assisting at stalls and activities on the day, clearing away, donating prizes, providing car parking, scaffolding, bunting, netting etc, ... and, of course, to villagers, friends and relatives who turned out in force to make it all worthwhile and such a great day for the community of Forncett. 

Footpath Cleared!

Written by Brian Frith on .

A working party has cleared the popular 'Footpath 17' which starts from the track to the left of Forncett School and runs over the area commonly known as 'The Park', over the River Tas to join the Tas Valley Way.  Much of the route is over a boardwalk (to ease passage over some very boggy ground).  Over the years vegetation has encouched on the boardwalk, almost overwhelming it in places.  Parish Council Vice-Chairman, Bev Humphreys, and Footpath Warden, David Peacock, set up the working party (consisting of Bev, David and fellow councillors Claire Jordan and Brian Frith, with Mike Jordan) which descended on the route on Saturday 26th April. After less than 2 hours' work with strimmer, scythe, secateurs, shovels and stiff brooms the boardwalk had been restored to its original '4 plank' width, making it much easier to use in all conditions. See the photos for some 'before, during and after' shots.

Photos by Brian Frith
(click for slideshow)

Forncett Fete 2013 hailed a great success!

Written by Fete Organisers on .


Click pic for slideshow
Photos by Su Leavesley

After a break last year the 2013 Forncett Village Fete was held at the Village Hall and Jubilee Green on Saturday June 29th 2013, the first to be held at the Village Hall, with its adjacent recently named 'Jubilee Green' and the general opinion seems to be that it was a great success! It gave us the Village Hall close at hand for power, refreshment and 'other facilities', and the Tas Well bar was able to operate very conveniently from the corner of the Hall nearest the field. We were favoured with perfect weather and an excellent turnout of visitors (estimated 100 cars parked at one time, as well as many cyclists and pedestrians). It all added up to make a great Village occasion!

Update 20th July: With income and expenditure now totalled, the Organising Committee have declared the total profits (subject to any very late expense claims) to be £2347.05, meaning that each of three groups (Village Hall, School and Little Tractors Playgroup) will receive £782.35 for their funds.  Thank you, everybody, once again!  A truly fantastic result!